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We can develop almost anything and everything you can imagine on all prominent blockchain networks.

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Complete NFT Package

Relax we will handle everything for you

We handle all aspects of the NFT project for you. From creation, development to management your NFT projects.

Complete NFT Development Package

Relax we will handle everything for you

We handle all aspects of the NFT dvelopment for you. From creation, deployment to management your NFT projects.


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Highly Artistic

Omkar was fantastic to work with! All around some of the best work I've seen. He was easy to get in contact with and was very professional and understanding. I will most definitely be working with Omkar in the future and I recommend his services to everyone!
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Exceptional job! Omkar was very attentive to the details I asked for and worked diligently to meet the gig's requirements. Even with delays on my end, Omkar is the epitome of professionalism and was able to finish before the deadline. Thanks for the beautiful website Omkar. Will definitely be my first choice for future dev work.
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It was a pleasure working with Omkar, he was very knowledgeable and assisted us with all our questions/concerns. Communication was a A+! Thanks again and looking forward to doing more projects together

TheBetterNFTs was started with an aim to 'Create Real-world Utility NFTs'

We are bootstrapping and striving to build a social enterprise to ‘Generate Sustainable Dignified Livelihood Opportunities’.

Our guiding values are:

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  • Planet, People, Profit!
  • Care, Choose, Create, Collaborate, Communicate 
We are currently in the foundation phase.

Something is Brewing

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Creating real world utilities

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Creating real world utilities

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Creating real world utilities

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Creating real world utilities

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NFT ART CREATION & Development

We help you with everything from NFT management, design/creation, minting processes, token development, and more.

We help you build, design, & develop your website in preparation for the minting process.

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From Art to Science

Custom Development Projects

We help you build marketplaces and staking features  or anything you can image on blockchain.

We’ll provide the Production, Fulfillment, and Distribution of your collection’s physical goods. Using our proprietary technique, we can authorize ownership of an NFT and send your holders products printed with their graphic design.

IRL Use cases & more

Real-world Utility & Planning

Essential Support

Legal & Accounts

We provide you access to crypto law & tax professionals to help you figure out your legal & tax accountings

We help you market your collection through social media, content strategy, content creation, Discord management, & more.

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Our team of developers have years of experience in the field of blockchain technology and have worked on prominent blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, etc.


The information of your project would not be shared with third parties at any cost. We would ensure the confidentiality of your project.

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Our responsive support team is here to assist you in the case of any queries from your side to be resolved.


We develop on almost all prominent blockchain networks.

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We are Blockchain believers and NFT enthusiasts

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We believe that NFT & crypto can change the world for good! The technology can make it a better & a happier place. With the right use of the technology many of the existing problems of the world can get solved.

So here we are doing our bit to make this technology accessible to all, by providing the technical guidance, education & support.


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Non-Fungible Tokens are digital tokens that can be used to represent ownership of unique items. They allow us to tokenize items such as postcards, videos, real estate etc. They can only get one official owner at a time. They’re protected by the Ethereum blockchain, which means no one can change the ownership record or create a new NFT.

NFTs is a cryptographic certificate of validity and integrity that you own something collectively known as the Blockchain. It maintains track of all of your purchases. NFT is launching a creative platform for undervalued goods and supplying collectors with a convenient way to digitize their art collections. NFTs are changing as the market grows.

The process of creating an NFT is known as “minting,” which refers to how a maker creates a physical coin. NFTs are generated in an NFT marketplace, where a creator uploads a digital file and decides whether it is a unique item. It has many copies or is part of a series.

The owner of the NFT will sell it in an auction on the marketplace after it has been produced. While the majority of NFTs are currently run on the Ethereum blockchain. And other blockchains, such as Polygon, Solana, WAX, Cardano can mint digital tokens on which developers can connect files.

1 – Built-in Royalty: When your item is resold throughout the blockchain network, an automatic royalty can be built into the NFT. This Royalty will allow you to profit from the resell of this item through a percentage that you set in the creation phase. This the ultimate benefit for many creators as they would only typically get paid one time from the sale of their work at the time and not when it resells.

2- Easily Transferable: NFTs are purchased and sold on unique markets. The use of NFTs is based on their uniqueness.

3- Trustworthy: Non-fungible tokens are used in blockchain technologies. As a result, you should be certain that your NFT is correct since counterfeiting is difficult for a decentralized and permanent record.

4- Maintain Ownership Rights: This refers to a network of shared platforms the size of an NFT, where no buyer can change the data later.

5- Copyright Protection: Moreover, digital developers may convert their projects into NFTs for copyright purposes. To avoid counterfeits, NFT is used to validate identity by transforming physical game tickets into non-fungible tokens.

1- Limited- The value of NFTs comes from their scarcity. NFT developers have the ability to create an infinite number of non-fungible tokens, and they often change the tokens to maximize interest.

2- Indivisible- Most NFTs are indivisible into smaller units. If you pay the full price of a digital item, you will not be entitled to access it.

3- Unique- NFTs have a strong information tab that explains their uniqueness. This information is completely safe and accurate.

On a high stage, most NFTs are part of the Ethereum network. Although Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or dogecoin, the blockchain also supports these NFTs, which store additional information that enables them to function differently than an ETH coin, for example. It’s worth noting that NFTs can be used in many ways by other blockchains.

This form, when combined with digital media, gives NFTs the qualities of royalties and scarcity that make them appealing:

Scarcity – An NFT’s developer is responsible for assessing the asset’s scarcity. Let’s get an example of a ticket to any event. An event manager can decide how many tickets to sell. In the same way, the maker of an NFT will decide how many replicas exist. As a result, multiple replicas exist, each with minor variations.

Each NFT will also have a unique id (like a barcode on a modern “ticket”) and with only one owner. The NFT’s intended scarcity is important, and it is up to the maker to determine. A designer may wish to make each NFT entirely special in order to generate scarcity, or they may have good reason to make thousands of copies. Keep in mind that all of this material is open to the general public.

Royalties- When any Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are sold, their developers may receive royalties automatically.

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