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TheBetterNFTs.com was started with an aim to 'Create Real-world Utility NFTs'

We are bootstrapping and striving to build a social enterprise to ‘Generate Sustainable Dignified Livelihood Opportunities’.

Our guiding values are:

  • You are what you Believe!
  • Planet, People, Profit!
  • Care, Choose, Create, Collaborate, Communicate 
We are currently in the foundation phase.
How it started?

Founder's Story

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Omkar Adate


It was March of 2021. The COVID-19 induced lockdown had completed a year in India. There was uncertainty and fear all around. The government had asked people to not leave their homes, but for many, it was essential to go out to make ends meet. I was part of this cult. One day, travelling back from my work in a crowded Mumbai local train, I just glanced at hundreds of others travelling along with me. I realised that if I keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll end up like everyone else.

I had always been entrepreneurial and had done a few projects in the past, but they had not worked out. It wasn’t a loss though, since I had learnt from them. I was always on the lookout for ideas that I could turn into businesses. While browsing through YouTube, I came across a video by GaryVee on NFTs and Ethereum. Around this time, Mr. Elon tweeted about Doge. Cryptos were all over the internet. Also, an Indian had purchased the most expensive digital art from Beeple, setting a record. How can a media house fail to brag about this?

With all this frenzy going around, I decided to understand the world of crypto. After doing some research, primarily on Bitcoin the OG, I found out there is more to it than the news frenzy. I remembered a book (Sapiens) I had read in which the author (Yuval Harari) had described “Money as Trust.” After my research, I felt it checked many positive points and was convinced that something good could happen here.

I decided to leave my job and start learning about different aspects. Was it an easy decision? No way! But I was like, “What’s the worst that can happen, which isn’t already happening around me?” I just made up my mind as I went along.

I spend hours and hours in front of my laptop reading different blogs, articles, watching videos, and other stuff. I was literally sleeping for only 4 hours most of the days. The more I learnt, the more I felt this was my last shot and I wanted to give it my best. I looked for free ways to earn crypto, then entered crypto trading. I was making decent profits over the days. But then there was a huge dump and I lost all of my profits made in the past months, along with a major portion of my portfolio. It was devasting. I didn’t talk about this to anyone, not even my parents. It was hard, but the damage was done, so I continued my learning.

By this time, GaryVee was launching his own NFTs. I decided to start learning about NFTs. I learnt about the development aspects of NFTs and thought about providing the services. I marketed through social media and got my first client who was paying in USD. I was like, “People are ready to pay for this.” I started learning more, improving my skills, and catering to more clients.

Fast forward, here we are. Today I am happy to announce that TheBetterNFTs.com, a result of all this hustle & grind. We offers Complete NFT Management & Blockchain Development Services. Whatever you can imagine on blockchain we can build it.

We are not just selling NFTs for the sake of it, but we Create Real-world Utility NFTs. 

Also, this is just the start. The mission is to build a social enterprise to generate sustainable, dignified livelihood opportunities through connecting travel and making it more responsible by utilising the power of blockchain technology and NFTs.

I truly believe that NFTs have power to change the world by creating a global community for good.

Join the revolution!
Omkar Adate

About Us

Who we are

We are Blockchain believers and NFT enthusiasts

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We believe that NFT & crypto can change the world for good! The technology can make it a better & a happier place. With the right use of the technology many of the existing problems of the world can get solved.

So here we are doing our bit to make this technology accessible to all, by providing the technical guidance, education & support.

We build on